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Text Loans UK

If you need urgent cash, we can help you connect with the lenders who offer short term loans really fast. Text loans are type of payday loans where you can apply for small amount cash loans with a simple mobile SMS. With us your application will be matched with 40 plus payday loan lenders and you can receive loan decision within minutes.

About Text Loan - How it works?

These small loans are very helpful at times when you have spent all your money and need instant cash injection on the go. Like, when you are stuck on highway or at vacations and have no cash left to return home safely. These text loans can help you there. Just send one SMS from your registered mobile phone number & get cash advance up to few hundred pounds real fast.

Your text loans account with your lender will remain active until the validity of your loan account. You can use this service multiple times if you need, just pay off your debt regularly on time.

The loan terms and conditions would be dependent on the offer made by the lender. Just make sure to be aware of all conditions of borrowing these instant cash advances before using your cell phone to ask for cash. The applied loan amount would be transferred within minutes into your bank account and you would be liable to pay the complete amount back on the due date along with the interest rate.

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Benefits of text loans over other cash options

If you are a responsible borrower, who is aware of all terms/conditions of the payday loan account and remembers to make timely repayments, then you can enjoy the benefits of these emergency funds to the fullest. One of the most acknowledged benefits of these text loans today is that you will not need to go through credit checks on every application. This not only saves you from repeated credit checks but it also helps you improve your credit score by repaying every borrowed cash amount on time.

Implications of non-payment

Guaranteed decision text loan can be your best friend which helps you in need, no matter what your financial emergency is. Just be careful about making timely repayments, as unlike a friend the lenders would demand a timely repayment failing which you could be charged a penalty. If in case you are not able to arrange for the funds on time, you must ask the text loan lender for restructuring your repayments or loan extension if you need more time. Certain problems are acknowledged by the lenders, but repeated delay in making payment can even block your loan account for future use.

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